Bill Clinton

  • Öffentliche Sprecher, UN-Gesandter Haiti, Amerikanischer Politiker
  • Geboren: 1946 Vereinigte Staaten
  • Heirated
  • Kinder: 1
  • Jahr: 4.524.477,00 €
  • Monate: 377.039,75 €
  • Woche: 87.009,17 €
  • Tag: 17.401,83 €
Bill Clinton

Earnings overview: WSJ August 2016: The return showed Ms. Clinton and his wife, Presidential Candidate and former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, made $10.6 million in adjusted gross income last year, largely from speaking fees, books, and Mr. Clinton’s consulting activities. Because they filed jointly half of their income is published here. The Clintons paid an effective federal income-tax rate of 34% in 2015, $3.24 million. The Clintons gave more than $1 million, or nearly 10% of their adjusted gross income, to charity. WSJ July 2015: The former president reported about $9.7 million in gross speaking fees and about $6.4 million in gross consulting fees. IBtimes May 2014: Clinton earns between $200,000 and $750,000 per speech. NYDailyNews Feb 2013: earnings 2011 $13.4 million Politicalticker June 2010:'According to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's annual financial disclosure report released Monday, the former president earned $7.5 million from 36 paid speeches last year, up from the $5.7 million he earned for 25 speeches in 2008' NYTimes 041708: 'The Clintons' estimated 2007 total income includes, among other items: Senator Clinton's salary $150,200 Senator Clinton's book royalties $152,864 President's Clinton's pension $186,600 President Clinton's book income $4,434,446 President Clinton's speeches $10,145,000 Partnership income $2,750,000 Advisor income from InfoUSA $400,000 Income from savings accounts $485,000 Investment income from Blind Trust $3,515,000 (The partnership, speeches and investment income above are estimated figures)' Taiwan News 05202009:"Clinton _ who will be paid $1 a year and travel to Haiti several times annually _ said he is honored [with his position as UN envoy]." Notification: the salarychecker is based on a 5 days working week and two weeks holiday per year.


Update: 2016-8


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